New Here?

Welcome to Pelham Bay

Thank you for visiting us online. We look forward to seeing you here at our fellowship!

A Message From Pastor Dave

Thank you for viewing our new church web-site, and taking the time to learn about who we are as a fellowship. If you are hungry for real biblical teaching, then I know that our fellowship will become a great blessing to you. We are an A/G fellowship, that focuses on the Hebrew Roots of our faith. We are a Christian congregation, not an extension of Judaism, but we do keep the feasts and the Sabbaths of the LORD, and in keeping them learn more about our Messiah then we ever did before. My hope is that you will listen to a few sermons, or bible studies using our On Demand feature, and perhaps join us for a Sabbath Service or on Sunday Morning. If your blessed by the teaching, then please send our link to a friend or family member that you may think is hungry for the truth. Again thank you for joining us, stay strong in the faith and Shalom!

Our Mission

It is the mission of our congregation to teach and live out as a testimony to all people the Truth of God’s Word through the Hebraic Roots of our faith. We teach as did the first century believers the Good News of Salvation through the death and Resurrection of Yeshua. We observe and keep all of the feasts of the Lord, each one being a testimony of who Yeshua is and a detailed outline of the plan of God. We look forward to the second coming of Messiah, when the exiled two houses of Israel will be reunited, and Messiah will rule the world through an earthly kingdom, teaching the world God’s instruction, His Word, His Torah. It is our Mission to truly be salt and light to the religious and secular world around us, re-uniting the hearts of the sons to the fathers, and the fathers to the sons. (Malachi 4:4-6)

Our Vision

If you are hungry for more than milk, If you have a desire to learn the truth of God’s WORD, If you want to move past the religious traditions of men, then our following vision statement should speak to your heart and be the words that guide your walk with The LORD…

“Father give us, Eyes to see, Ears to hear, and a Heart that is willing to obey Your Word…”